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Meet the Team

Get to know the current team behind Theology Academy, as well as those who previously helped Theology Academy get off the ground.


Mena Fawzy Abdelsayed

Founder & CEO

Mena started Theology Academy in 2019 to enhance religious literacy. His goal was to make theology simple and accessible to the general public. Mena holds a Ph.D. in Cardiac Electrophysiology and an M.A. in Theology. He works as a scientist at Stanford University and teaches at several theological institutions. Mena is responsible for producing Theology Academy content and directing the team of researchers, animators, and social media managers.

Mathew Androus

Technology Manager

Matthew Androus earned his B.S. in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Southern California. He joined Theology Academy in 2020, and helps support the technological needs of the organization. He is also a member of Theology Academy's board of directors.


Maurice Wahib Mikhail


Maurice Wahib Mikhail graduated from the Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University in 2012. He also graduated from St. Rewies Theological Seminary College in 2017. He is a researcher and a teaching assistant at the Coptic Orthodox Theological. Maurice translates all the content produced in English into Arabic to benefit those living in the MENA region.

Amjad Ihsan AlBandak

Chief Animator

Amjad is a Computer Graphics generalist Based in Jordan with more than ten years of experience in all areas of 3D production, motion graphics, and video editing. He currently leads the animation at Theology Academy. Of all projects Amjad worked on during his career, he finds this one to be sipritually rewarding as it helps him grow  in many ways!


Jeryes Husam Alnimri 


Jeryes graduated from the Faculty of Information Technology at Hashemite University in 2016. He is a graphic designer based in Jordan with two years of experience in graphic design and motion graphics. Jeryes stays up-to-date with new techniques and procedures related to animations and video creation. He loves his animator role at Theology Academy, working closely with Amjad to produce the videos in other languages like Arabic.

Image by Jacek Dylag

Mike Witts

English Voice-Over Artist

Mike Witts is a voice actor from Los Angeles, CA who has been providing narration for popular YouTube channels and TikTok videos since 2019. He has voiced different Internet videos, radio spots, TV commercials, short films, and audiobooks. He is happy to be one of the video narrators for the Theology Academy.


Mike Vincent

English Voice-Over Artist


AJ Dukette

English Voice-Over Artist


AJ Dukette Headshot.jpg

Ehab Sobhy

Arabic Voice-Over Artist

Ehab Sobhy is the Arabic narrator at Theology Academy. He is an actor in the Egyptian National Theater and a leader in Christian media for the past 15 years. He completed a Master’s in Acting and Directing from Helwan University. He acted in 11 movies, 40 television productions, and dozens of radio episodes and narration pieces. He also played Jesus in the film “JESUS,” according to the Gospel of Luke.

Siraj Bassem Haddaden

Digital Marketing Specialist

Siraj Haddadin is working on digital content development and marketing at Theology Academy. She has eight years of experience in project development and five years of experience in content writing, digital marketing, and design. She is a certified trainer in entrepreneurship and social innovation and received many awards and grants.

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