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Theology Academy aims to accomplish its mission
through the following methods:

- Provide credible, accessible, short, and engaging videos to help believers establish religious convictions in scholarship.

- Offer prerecorded courses in all branches of theology and religion by top-notch scholars and university professors to help cater to the needs of those with a desire for theological or religious training but cannot afford it.

- Hold Theology Academy Wizard Tournaments to help our ideas reach Sunday school servants, young adults, and youth, fortifying them with the necessary tools to engage with society on religion.

- Provide scholarships to theology students willing to undertake undergraduate and graduate degrees in theology and religious studies.

- Translate the plethora of Christian Literature found in Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Coptic, Syriac, Amharic, Armenian, and Persian into Arabic to help enhance religious literacy in the MENA region and preserve the Christian cultural identity.

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