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What is Theology Academy?

Theology Academy is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that aims to enhance religious literacy through accessible media and outreach. Religious teachings with no historical or theological basis leave faith, Church, and religion vulnerable to questions and critiques. They do not have the intellectual backing that gives them credibility, especially with Gen Z and Alpha audiences. If no one delivers this information in an accessible way, we risk many leaving the faith and opposing the Church. 

Currently, no easy-to-use platform grounds faith in research and academic scholarship. Theology Academy has a global and ecumenical mission to unify the language of all believers, through the language of science and academia. Theology Academy works with scholars from Harvard University, Yale University, Boston University, University of Notre Dame, University of Cambridge, and others to develop leading-edge content in all theological and religious subjects. 

Theology Academy aims to broaden the horizons of our viewers and bring the theological school to everyday people in ways that do not require expertise to understand it. The content provided engages the disciplines in theology to help our audience experience its relevance in their day-to-day activities. Studying theology will help you realize your significance as a basic member in the makeup of this universe!

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